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Grove GMC Facebook Page

Chandler's Grove Facepage page was "born" in late 2013 and we were wondering what impact it would have on the community and church family.


We have a daily post of a spiritualy uplifting message that is revelant to the current events around us. For example, below are our 6 most recent Facebook post. We also share church events, special guest singers announcements, yard sales promotions, youth events and special events, just like many other church pages.


Returning to the opening thought of what impact would the Facebook page have on the community? During the year of 2014 we touched over 113,000 lives with this social media. All praise and glory to God!


If you have never seen the page, we invite you to stop by and "like" Chandler's Grove. Just click on the Facebook logo at the top right or at the bottom of any page on this web site. We also invite you to come and meet us at church (F2F and IRL!) on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. 

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