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MISSION STATEMENT Children and Youth


The mission of Chandler's Grove UMC is to provide programs for Children and Youth so that they are in a warm,  loving, Christ-centered environment which  promotes spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth.



As a Christian community of faith, we pledge to conduct the ministries of Christian faith in 4 way that assures the safe and spiritual growth of all Children and Youth.



When the disciple tried to keep the children from coming to Jesus, he was quick to answer, "let the children come to me." From-Jesus's example he taught us that the children are a part of our faith community and it is our responsibility to care

- for them and show them unconditional love. As a Christian, we must take our responsibility to our children very seriously.

When we look at safe sanctuary some of the thing we need to know are:

• "Adult" means anyone 18 years or older.

• "Child abuse" as defined under NC state laws.

• "Child" anyone under the age of 18.

• "Children's activities" means any activity or program in which children are under supervision of staff persons or volunteers.

• "Leaders of groups" means any person who supervises a children's activity. This person has regular and direct contact with children, must be 5 years older than the group they are working with and is counted in the 2-adult rule.

• "Volunteer" means any adult, who assists in conducting children's activities under supervision of a teacher or leader, 2-adult rule applies.

• "Helper" means anyone who aids in ministry and is not counted in the 2-adult rule. This is youth helpers, must be 5 years older than the children they are working with.

• "Person required to report child abuse" any and all persons working with 'children. The abuse must be reported to the Pastor of the church, who, in the course of investigation, along with the board will determine what

action should be taken.

• "We" means local church.

• "Roamer" person who moves in and out of rooms if needs arises and is an adult. The roamer also checks doors and has view of the outside surroundings.



1. Know what abuse is and how to report it. Once abuse occurs or allegation of an incident is made, it is crucial that it dealt with speedily and in a clearly -outlined manner. Report directly to the Pastor. Any person who is the object of the report will be required to refrain from all children's activities until the incident report is resolved.

2. Minimum supervisory standards will include the "two-adult rule". If this is not possible a roamer must be in place. The two-adult rule protects local church persons and volunteers from false allegations.

3. No child will be left unsupervised while attending the local children's church or any other church activity where children are present.

4. All doors must have a window or in the case of restroom the door should be left Open. All activities should occur in open view.

5. Outdoor activities should follow the two-adult rule and the addition of any other persons to make the activity safe.

&: Written-permission should be signed by parents or guardians when groups are away from the church setting.

7. No person shall supervise an age group unless he/she is AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER AND 155 YEARS OLDER THAN THE CHILDREN BEING SUPERVISED. People under the age of 18 cannot be expected to have developed the maturity and judgment that is needed to be fully responsible for younger children. Putting children in charge of children invites disaster.

8. The Pastor of the local church, or designee, is the only person authorized to make statements to representatives of the media.

9.' Leaders and chaperons should come together to make a covenant to:        -

take part in-the ministry; give their best efforts to the ministry; respect the other participants and leaders; treat others as 'well as they would wish to be treated.



For: Chandler's Grove UMC

New London, NC

Adopted Dec. 2005


1. IMPLEMENT A POLICY FOR RECRUITING, SCREENING AND TRAINING FOR TEACHERS-AND VOLUNTEERS: Criminal background check, previous employment, references from previous churches, schools, and daycares are used. Training for teachers when needed.

2. TWO-ADULT RULE: Simply stated, the "Two-Adult Rule" requires no fewer than two adults present at all times during any church-sponsored program, event, or ministry involving children. Risk will be reduced even more if the two adults are not related. The nursery is always attended by at least two adults. A Sunday school class is always is led by at least two adults. Children's church should be taught by two teachers or volunteers. A Bible study group for youth is always taught by at least two adults. The youth fellowship group is always-staffed with a least two adult counselors/leaders. The significance of this rule cannot be overstated. A church will drastically reduce the possibility of an incident of child abuse if this rule is followed.

3. ROVING MONITOR: In the event where there are not two adults in the - classroom, we must have a roving superintendent or monitor during the

meeting or teaching time and all doors should be left open.

4. AGE LIMITS: Staff and volunteers should be at least 5 years older than the oldest child/youth being supervised. No one under the age of 18, should be giving supervisory capacity.

5. OPEN DOOR COUNSELING: Pastoral counseling is expected to be confidential in nature, but it is for the protection of both parties that such sessions take place where others are nearby even through not

• within hearing distance. The door should be left open. The pastor's study should have a glass window.

6. VISIBILITYIN ROOMS: Every room that is used for activities and teaching of children and youth should have a window in the door, or a small half door, 'that gives visibility tall the areas of that room. The window must be left uncovered. If there is no window in the door, the door MUST be left open.

7. COMMUNICATION AND ADVANCE NOTICE TO PARENTS: Parents should always be kept abreast of the programs their children or youth are involved in, and given advance notice and information regarding any activity which deviates from the traditional classroom instruction offered at the church during Sunday school, UMYF, VBS, or other regular activities at the church. Permission forms with medical information should accompany children/youth for any activity involving travel or extreme sports activity (skiing, boating, and canoeing). If needed to have a meeting with parents to inform them of an outing that might be of concern to them.

8. AGE AND ACTIVITY APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT: Examine the safety and • appropriateness of all equipment used in the nursery, classrooms, youth room, and playground. (Do not be afraid to throw away broken items).

9. MAINTAIN ADEQUATE LIABILITY INSURANCE: We have insurance for the church, on and off the premises. (coverage l million dollars)

10. DESIGNATED SPOKESPERSON:            Your Pastor is the designated

spokesperson for the church. (If Pastor is not present, do not answer any questions, just refer them to the Pastor or a designated person in his absents.)

11.TRANSPORTATION: No youth may drive to any off-ground church-sponsored event or transport others. We have specific rules set up in our bus ministry for transporting children and youth.

12.FIRST AID AND CPR: At least one person at each church event should be trained in basic first aid and CPR. (Church should supply training) Jamie Bean will be working on this. She will be offering this to the church in the near future.



I.  DO hot post photos online of the children or youth group members. Use generic photos. You cannot post pictures with names, addresses and/or any information that would compromise the children or youth in anyway.

2. If for some reason you feel the need to post photos of the members, you must get written parental permission to do so in advance.

3. Get advance parental permission to communicate with the children and/or youth group members by email, cell phone, instant messaging, or text messaging.

4. If you communicate by email use blind carbon copy so that each recipient-sees only his or her address when a message is received.

5. Talk to children and youth on how to use the Internet and how to keep themselves and others safe.

6. Encourage the children and youth to let you know if anyone they meet online tries to meet with them in person.

7. Develop policies regarding the use of cell phones, computers, and other technologies in ministry settings such as church, youth meetings, camping, retreats, and trips. ENFORCE THE POLICIES.    -

8. Teach the children and youth not to post, or say, anything online-that they would not want you, of a leader, or an employer to see.

9. At times you may see the need to meet with parents and other leaders to review cyber safety in the church settings.

Above all; teach the children and youth to engage in face-to-face conversations with friends and family members more often than online conversations. Remember we, as adults,

model behavior that we expect to see in our children and youth.

Remember it is up to you to stay informed on changes in Cvberspace

If children or youth are going to be photographed or videotaped, written permission most be obtained from parents or legal guardian. Please leave out names of children or youth when showing pictures. Group pictures are okay and can be published with the group name only.

Photographing anyone should be clone only if you have permission or have let the congregation know in advance. By letting them know in advance, if they show up for the event they are giving their consent.

When asking for permission, ask for blanket permission to publish. In doing so; you can use the photos in newsletters, congregational website, and photos for boards.

Communication technologies are always evolving. Right now, we have only the website and newsletter. We all know that once a photo is published, especially online, we can't completely control where it might be shared. People can very easily post pictures from our website to their Facebook profile. So with that in mind, know that we cannot ensure that a photograph posted on the churches' website will remain only there.

With that said, have fun with our new website, just show others the same respect that-you would want to be shown.

This is a typical release form used to secure permission to use an individual's likeness with or without identification.

from Public Relations Witting & Media Techniques (Fourth Edition) by Dennis Wilcox



Chandler's Grove UMC

2535 Blaine .Road

New London, NC 28127

Permission to Use Photograph

Event: All Church Events

Location: On or off church grounds

I grant to Chandler's Grove UMC the right to take photographs of my child and/or my family in connection with the above-identified events. I authorize Chandler's' Grove UMC to use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

I agree that Chandler's Grove UMC may use such photographs of me without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

I have read and understand the above: Signature



Printed name__________________________________

Address ______________________________________

Date _________________________________________

Signature, parent or guardian (if underage 18)

Child or Youth Name ____________________________________________________

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